01 About our company

The history of Piggy Bank Limited goes back to the year 2000, when a group of independent financial analysts was studying the investment market and providing independent advice and analysis to individuals. Making money on cryptocurrency, namely Bitcoin, gains more and more popularity.

Therefore, Piggy Bank Limited came in the market officially in 2011 and since that time has been working at the European and world markets. There is nothing surprising in it as it is a real possibility to earn money without making much effort. Piggy Bank Limited invites you to become a part of the company's united team and earn an essential profit.

Invest into cryptocurrency with the help of Piggy Bank Limited
and enjoy a number of advantages:

  • a possibility to invest funds online 24 hours a day and get a profit
  • work with a comprehensive and convenient interface as well as a possibility to get consulting services provided by the highly qualified experts any time of the day
  • a high level volatility on the cryptocurrency market
  • a possibility of getting a long-term essential profit during a long period of time

Bitcoin currency is used for working process in the system of Piggy Bank Limited. Even the minimum deposit of 0,001 BTC gives you the chance to earn much more, moreover, there are no limits as to the deposit amount.

Work with Piggy Bank Limited and earn regular income in the form that suits you. You may request and obtain your earned money at any suitable moment. Having a large staff of highly qualified employees, the company processes the requests practically immediately.